Don’t take our word for it – take theirs!

Our Softtub has been one of the best investments we’ve made. Instead of going to the community pool, we spend real relaxing time watching old movies or listening to good music while enjoying the therapeutic massaging bubbles of the jets through our body. We have owned ours for 4 or 5 years. Thank you again.

Ruben Santos

Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Softub of Mobile Testimonial 1

Darrin, I had this 300 series hot tub for 17 years. … I bought it at the Wisconsin State Fair back then. As you could see our winters can get brutal. Currently, we are coming out of a deep freeze, 10 days of highs in single digits. I still don’t see  a reflection on my electric bill. We could not be happier. I had customers of mine in manufacturing even buy them and they were pleased also. I highly endorse this product.

Mark Sipek

Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Softub of Mobile Testimonial 2

We had recently added a screen room with a  deck to our house when we purchased our Softub. We wanted the luxury of a hot tub without spending a lot of time and energy maintaining it. Neither of us had any experience or knowledge about hot tubs, pools, etc.   We talked with Darrin Jasgur at the Tupelo Flea Market and were convinced the Softub was the “way to go.“ Darrin assured us that this would be more fun than responsibility and it is!!!! This is our little hot springs in our own backyard!

Anyway, let me tell you Darrin has been there for us since day one answering all of my many, many questions….. and this guy knows everything about a Softub too! Buying a Softub couldn’t have been any simpler. 

Rhonda Love

Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Softub of Mobile Testimonial 3

We met Darrin at the Wisconsin State Fair over 15 years ago when we bought our first Softub. He’s been there whenever we needed something or had questions.  We just purchased our second tub about a year ago. If you want a Softub, Darrin’s your man. He’s got the knowledge and will get you the best fit.

Carol Pease 

Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Softub of Mobile Testimonial 4

I have had a few Softubs since 1997, and with moving for my career, family, etc., I left my tubs with the new house owners or sold them. What was I thinking?? My cousin and I went to the Jacksonville Home and Patio Show in March 2020. I had looked up Softub and knew they would be at the show. As soon as I rounded the corner and saw Darrin Jasgur talking to people with open, hot Softubs, I knew I would be leaving with one!! The teal liner is beautiful!! Perfect fit for my lanai!

Darrin was easy to work with, upbeat, and professional. He helped me make my decisions, and the process was easy. Two weeks later my boxes were delivered!! I’m 66 and I unpacked and set up my new Softub by myself. Ahhhh…no more achy muscles and so peaceful and relaxing.

Dr. Carolina Faust

Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Softub of Mobile Testimonial 5

I’m known as the big insider. I travel around the world teaching people how to market online. And I’ve got to tell you the one thing I miss when I’m on the road is my Softub. You see, every hotel I go to has a pool, and a hot tub but they’re plaster, concrete, fiber glass, nothing, nothing is as comfortable as a Softub. And I miss that when I’m on the road. And I have to thank Darrin Jasgar because he introduced me to Softubs over 30 years ago. This guy builds relationships. He is my go to guy for Softub, even today. So, If you want a hottub, you need a Softub and there’s only one place to get it. Darrin Jasgar.

Jason Nast

Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Softub of Mobile Testimonial 6

Love my Softub. I have mine inside my garage. I get in 3-5 times a week. … Thanks, Darrin, for answering my questions throughout the 4 years I have had my Softub.

Dawn Sexton

Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Softub of Mobile Testimonial 7

My husband and I were skeptical about getting another hot tub because we got burned very badly in the past with the customer service department for that hot tub. (Not to mention I think we bought a lemon and a very expensive one at that). We met Darrin at The Big E Festival in 2016. Darrin convinced us to give Softub a try and we’ve been happy with it ever since. It’s so easy to maintain and so reasonably priced. Not only that, but the hot tub was also delivered and set up within 2 weeks of the festival! We get so much enjoyment out of it! We even move it underneath our covered patio in the backyard in the winter so we can use it then! We absolutely love it!

What can I say? You cannot get better customer service from anyone! Anytime, and I mean ANYTIME, you contact Darrin within minutes he answers you! I even called him on Father’s Day, and he didn’t even think twice about answering me! I’ve contacted him with various questions about my Softub and he always has the answers. You will not find anyone to give you better customer service than Darrin Jasgur!

Denise Curcio

Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Softub of Mobile Testimonial 8

A few summers ago, I attended the Wisconsin State Fair with absolutely no intention of buying a Softub. It caught my eye because it looked like something simple enough for me to handle since I lack any prior hot tub maintenance experience. Darrin walked me through every detail of how the Softub worked and, patiently, answered all of my hypothetical situation questions. In fact, Darrin was so wonderful, I now have his direct cell number, that I have texted many times with questions since the day I purchased it. 

Actually, I recently asked him a question about a Softub filter. Years later, he still answers. Darrin made me feel 100% comfortable with my purchase. I absolutely LOVE my Softub! It is so easy to maintain and is the perfect way to end a day of teaching preschool. I am one happy customer. Thanks Darrin!

Jaime Schroeder

Satisifed Softub Spas Customer

Softub of Mobile Testimonial 9

My wife and I bought our Softub from Darrin in 2017.

With the wide water temperature range, our Softub can be enjoyed in the heat of the Summer or when the weather cools down.

Our Softub is easy to clean and is not heavy, which makes it easy to maneuver.

Darrin is very personable and very knowledgeable. When I have had any questions, Darrin was able to provide an answer quickly, and clearly.

Darrin is an awesome person, and I very highly recommend buying from him. He knows his business and is a great representative.

Michael and Debbie Cavicchia

Satisifed Softub Spas Customers

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